A handbag case with a diagonal handle

It is a handbag case with a handle attached diagonally.
The look changes a lot just by making the handle diagonal.
For example, even if the box is too small to have a handle,
it can be attached a handle with a diagonal design.


Things to note

Please enter the numerical value of the sides A to F displayed in the product image.
If it will be difficult to design, we will contact you to adjust the dimensions.
For more information, please refer to "Buying Process".


A mm


B mm

↑ Please check here

If you would like to check the shape of the product using a development drawing, please click here. Please print it out on the paper of your choice to check the structure.
※ It will be scaled down, so and may not reflect the actual dimensions.

A handbag case with a diagonal handle 【Sample development drawing】