What comes to mind when considering the role of a box? First of all, it's most likely the image of "wrapping" the contents of a product, etc. If you examine it in more detail, you'll notice that it protects the contents, presents the message or appeal of what's inside, its usability (ease of opening, dismantling, etc.), storage, logistics, as well as the productivity of the box itself...

There are various items in the world, but the role of the box changes with each item. By designing the structure of the box to take into account each of these roles, it becomes possible to crete a box that fills these roles adequately.
More importantly, by focusing on the box, you can only increase the value of the product.


The support of new product development, taking into account the production process

The boxes that we design and plan are done under the presupposition that they will be die-cut (those which mass-produce the boxes), so we try to take into account the above problems, as well as the various issues in production process, logistics, etc.
In the early stages of planning, if we we make use of the structural designs we created, then the production of boxes will be done smoothly, and the total value will be significant.

Use freely

Free thinking in unusual and interesting ways

In addition, in order to design an original box that does not already exist - one with an unusual or interesting shape, or a box that does not already exist in the market - detailed discussions need to be held repeatedly, using our design and creative skills. Of course, this will have not just financial costs like design fees, but also emotional and time-based costs.
What a Box provides such design data through our website that specializes in its unusual and interesting shaped boxes that we have accumulated so far. We will deliver to you the outline of the box that you had in mine, resized to any size, and then you will be able to use your imagination to create a graphic design or use it in production.

Our VISION, "Boxes enrich our lives"

As a dieboard manufacturer - as well as a specializer in structural design of boxes - through What a Box!, we aim at making a vast amount of box design data readily available on the web, to be useful in the future. In our database, there are plenty of interesting boxes that have never seen the light of day. The more people that see and use them, then the more we can fulfil our vision of "boxes enrich our lives".