Your own shape of packaging

Support for branding of your company or products.
Customisable to your brand's unique shape and size.

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Others (e.g. clear sheet)

How can I receive the data after product purchase?

We will send you the the data via the email address you entered when you placed your order. It will come in three data formats: PDF, CAD, and Illustrator.
For products purchased as $10 downloads, we will send the PDF data by email to your email address you registered after purchase.

I have received a different size of product data than I ordered.

It will be calculated as two products. Please place an order for each.

Please tell me how to use this site.

Please use this service when planning and proposing a box.
E.g.: Selection / Determination of Shape → Determine Size → Order → Receive data by E-mail

After purchasing, please check the shape and size of the box with a dummy before using it for graphic design and production.
In addition, for mass-production, detailed verification with the manufacturer should be carried out in advance.