Octagonal Carton with Dividers

Since polygonal cartons have complex features, their dividers are usually made from plastic; raising the price of the product itself. However, simple and beautiful dividers can be made from paper, as seen in the picture. The center of the divider where the lines overlap can be hidden with a cover. Suitable for packing assortment of sweets and candies. 


Things to note

Please enter the numerical value of the sides A to F displayed in the product image.
If it will be difficult to design, we will contact you to adjust the dimensions.
For more information, please refer to "Buying Process".


A mm


B mm


C mm

↑ Please check here

If you would like to check the shape of the product using a development drawing, please click here. Please print it out on the paper of your choice to check the structure.
※ It will be scaled down, so and may not reflect the actual dimensions.

Octagonal Carton with Dividers【Sample development drawing】